What is responsive web design?


What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is the concept of adaptive or adaptive web design (in English, Responsive Web Design) to different devices. It is a web design and development technique that, through the use of fluid structures and images, as well as media-queries in the CSS style sheet, manages to adapt the website to be able to view it on any device, whether it be computers. laptops or desktops with different screen resolutions, tablets, smartphones, etc …


The idea and purpose of adaptive web design was previously discussed and described by the W3C consortium in July 2008 in their recommendation “Mobile Web Best Practices” under the subtitle “One Web”. This recommendation, although specific for mobile devices, points out that it is made in the context of “One Web”, and therefore encompasses not only the browsing experience on mobile devices but also on devices with a higher screen resolution such as desktop devices.

The concept of “One Web” refers to the idea of ​​building a Web for all (Web for All) and accessible from any type of device (Web on Everything). Today, the variety of devices on the market has meant that the available information is not accessible from all devices, or it is accessible but the browsing experience is very poor.


With a single version in HTML and CSS, all screen resolutions are covered, that is, the website created will be optimized for all types of devices: PCs, tablets, mobile phones, etc. This improves the user experience unlike what happens, for example, with fixed-width websites when accessed from mobile devices. In this way, creation and maintenance costs are reduced, since it avoids having to develop applications for mobile versions, for example, a specific application for Android mobiles, another for IPhone, etc …

From the point of view of optimization of search engines. search, only one URL would appear in the search results, thus saving redirects and errors that result from them. Errors would also be avoided when accessing the specific website from the so-called “social links”, that is, from links that users share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc … and that can end in error depending on what link was copied (from which device was copied) and from which device is accessed.


Due to the increasing demand for mobile devices, the greater use of these by the average user to visit all kinds of websites, and especially the expectations of search engines and browsers that this happens in a way pleasant and natural, today it is not only recommended but rather essential to create or renew websites to make them adaptable.

At our office we create modern and functional websites, and of course also adaptable to mobile devices, always to facilitate the interaction of users or our clients’ target audience from anywhere, if you need a website to expose your products or services, or You want to renew the one you already have, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

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